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XMR-Stak-CPU is a universal Stratum pool miner. This is the CPU-mining version

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What is XMR-Stak-CPU?

XMR-Stak-CPU is a universal Stratum pool miner. This is the CPU-mining version.

How to use this image

Configuration file

Create config.txt configuration file and adapt to your need before running. You can copy file from a container:

$ docker run -d --name some-xmr-stak-cpu-config minecoins/xmr-stak-cpu
$ docker cp some-xmr-stak-cpu-config:/usr/local/etc/config.txt .
$ docker stop some-xmr-stak-cpu-config
$ docker rm some-xmr-stak-cpu-config

or copy example from GitHub.


Run in background:

$ docker run -itd --name some-xmr-stak-cpu -v "$PWD"/config.txt:/usr/local/etc/config.txt minecoins/xmr-stak-cpu

Use --privileged option for large pages support. Large pages need a properly set up OS.

Fetch logs of a container:

$ docker logs some-xmr-stak-cpu


$ docker attach some-xmr-stak-cpu

Image Variants

The images come in two flavors, with and without donation fee.


This is the defacto image. By default the miner will donate 1% of the hashpower (1 minute in 100 minutes) to dev's pool.


This variant has no donation fee.


Donations for work on dockerizing are accepted at:

  • BTC: 1NUMFM6UTv9iRVVzjsfhzbAGjwNxQRA8Qz
  • XMR: 49TfoHGd6apXxNQTSHrMBq891vH6JiHmZHbz5Vx36nLRbz6WgcJunTtgcxnoG6snKFeGhAJB5LjyAEnvhBgCs5MtEgML3LU
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