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Docker image to launch a toran proxy application self hosted to manage PHP dependencies

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:warning: Toran proxy stating no longer supported and that people should use Private Packagist at instead

Toran acts as a proxy for Packagist and GitHub. It is meant to be set up on your own server or even inside your office. This offers a few benefits:

  • Redundant infrastructure to ensure your deployments never fail and your developers can work at any time. Packages will be installed from your proxy with a fallback to GitHub, ensuring a maximum availability.
  • Higher bandwidth for faster installations. You can set up Toran in your local network or on a server near you.

Quick start

docker run --name toran-proxy -d \
    -p 80:80 \

Go with your browser to localhost

Save data

Files are saved to /data/toran-proxy in container. Just mount this volume for save your configurations and repositories

docker run --name toran-proxy -d \
    -v /opt/toran-proxy:/data/toran-proxy \

Add ssh config for private repository

docker run --name toran-proxy -d \
    -p 443:443 \
    -v /opt/toran-proxy/ssh:/data/toran-proxy/ssh \

Files supported : id_rsa,, config and known_hosts

Configure Cron timer

docker run --name toran-proxy -d \
    -p 443:443 \
    -e "TORAN_CRON_TIMER=half" \

Enabled HTTPS

docker run --name toran-proxy -d \
    -p 443:443 \
    -e "TORAN_HTTPS=true" \
    -v /opt/toran-proxy/certs:/data/toran-proxy/certs \

Add your toran-proxy.key and toran-proxy.crt in folder certs. If toran-proxy.key and toran-proxy.crt do not exist, the container will create self-signed certificates

HTTP Authentification

Use file htpasswd to add authentification ?

Add auth.json to composer configuration home folder

    "http-basic": {
        "toran-proxy.domain.tld": {
            "username": "myUsername",
            "password": "myPassword"

Toran Proxy Options

Please refer the docker run command options for the --env-file flag where you can specify all required environment variables in a single file. This will save you from writing a potentially long docker run command. Alternately you can use fig.

Below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your toran proxy installation.

  • TORAN_HOST: The hostname of the toran proxy server. Defaults to localhost
  • TORAN_HTTP_PORT: The port of the toran http server. Defaults to 80
  • TORAN_HTTPS: Set to true to enable https support, Defaults to false. If you do not use a reverse proxy, do not forget to add the certificates files
  • TORAN_HTTPS_PORT: The port of the toran https server. Defaults to 443
  • TORAN_REVERSE: Set to true if you use docker behind a reverse proxy for i.e. ssl termination. This will make Toran use the HTTPS scheme without the need to add certificates. If you do so, make sure to set your reverse proxy to target port 443. Defaults to false
  • TORAN_CRON_TIMER: Setup cron job timer. Defaults to fifteen
    • minutes: All minutes
    • five: All five minutes
    • fifteen: All fifteen minutes
    • half: All thirty minutes
    • hour: All hours
    • daily: All days at 04:00 (Use TORAN_CRON_TIMER_DAILY_TIME for customize time)
  • TORAN_CRON_TIMER_DAILY_TIME: Set a time for cron job daily timer in HH:MM format. Defaults to 04:00
  • TORAN_TOKEN_GITHUB: Add your Github token for ensure download repositories since Github. Default null.
  • TORAN_TRACK_DOWNLOADS: Track private package installs, set to true to get an install log in /data/toran-proxy/logs/downloads.private.log. Defaults to false
  • TORAN_MONO_REPO: Set to true for switch to a monorepo instead of dual repo model. Defaults to false
  • PHP_TIMEZONE: Configure timezone PHP. Default Europe/Paris.
  • TORAN_AUTH_ENABLE: Set to true to enable HTTP Basic Authentication. When enabled, TORAN_AUTH_USER and TORAN_AUTH_PASSWORD are required. Defaults to false.
  • TORAN_AUTH_USER: Configure the HTTP Basic Authentication Username. Defaults to toran.
  • TORAN_AUTH_PASSWORD: Configure the HTTP Basic Authentication Password. Defaults to toran.

Add customization scripts

For scenarios where the degree of configurability his image offers via the above listed options is not sufficient, you are able to add container local customization scripts which will get executed during container runtime. Here you can add for example sed calls which further tweak the nginx configuration.

The container script expects custom scripts to be found under /data/toran-proxy/scripts/*.sh. These scripts just get sourced in order.

export custdir=/tmp/toran-customs
mkdir -p $custdir
echo "echo 'hello world'" > $custdir/
docker run --name toran-proxy -d \
    -p 443:443 \
    -v $custdir:/data/toran-proxy/scripts

Toran Proxy License

By default, Toran proxy license is for personal use. You can add a license from the Toran proxy interface




Toran is built by Jordi Boggiano, lead developer of Composer. As such he can make sure they work well together. No surprises.

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