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A simple boilerplate for docker-sync

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This is a boilerplate for docker-sync. Either as a starting point for your configuration or to try out what docker-sync offers in terms of performance and the toolchain in practical.

If you have any issues, create an issue at docker-sync

Start with

  1. Install docker-sync, if you did not yet
gem install docker-sync

There may be other dependencies that you will have to install but the docker-sync-stack start command should help with that. Known dependencies for Mac include: unison, macfsevent, fswatch. These are either installed automatically or you may have to brew install them.

  1. Now get the boilerplate
git clone
cd docker-sync-boilerplate
  1. Now start the sync, first choose the boilerplate either advanced, dynamic-configuration-dotnev, rsync, simplest, unison, unison-ftp-user, or unison-root-user. See strategies to understand the important differences


For example rsync

cd default
docker-sync-stack start

This will start the sync, and start your app-stack defined by in the docker-compose file. All in one step

If you wonder, how you would keep the docker-compose.yml portable, see splitted-compose (there is an example in the advanced example of this). The changes for docker-sync are incorporated into an overlay-docker-compose file In this case you do:

# To run development and mount your watched volume.
cd advanced
docker-sync-stack start

# Production would run docker-compose without mounting a watched volume.
cd advanced/docker-compose
docker-compose up -d

More about this in the wiki

For example dynamic-configuration-dotnev you will need to copy .env.dist to .env

cd dynamic-configuration-dotnev
cp .env.dist .env
## Change your settings to whatever you want and then run docker-sync.
docker-sync-stack start

And after that start things as described above


If you want to know, what options you actually have, see the configuration-reference

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