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NOTE: Supported images are available in the official image library on Docker Hub. Please use those in production.

Using the Neo4j Docker Image

Documentation for the Neo4j image can be found here.

You can start a Neo4j container like this:

docker run \
    --publish=7474:7474 --publish=7687:7687 \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/data:/data \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/logs:/logs \

To start a Neo4j Enterprise Edition container, you can run:

docker run \
    --publish=7474:7474 --publish=7687:7687 \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/data:/data \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/logs:/logs \

Mounting the /data and /logs folder is optional, but it means that data can persist between closing and reopening Neo4j containers.

Neo4j images for ARM64

From 4.4.0 and onwards, Neo4j images have been available for ARM64 architectures through Docker Hub.

For earlier versions, we provide unsupported and untested builds of ARM64 Neo4j community edition from 4.0.0 to 4.3.23. These are unsuitable for production use, but may be useful for experimentation or hobbyists.

They are available on Docker hub at:

The images take the name format neo4j/neo4j-arm64-experimental:<VERSION>-arm64. Example usage:

docker run \
    --publish=7474:7474 --publish=7687:7687 \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/data:/data \
    --volume=$HOME/neo4j/logs:/logs \

Building and Developing the Neo4j Docker Image


Getting support and contributing

For bug reports and feature requests, please create issues and pull requests against this Github repository.

If you need guidance with using Neo4j you can ask questions here:

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