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A Django widget for the Tempus Dominus Bootstrap 4 DateTime picker.

1 year ago

What's Changed

Full Changelog:

1 year ago
  • Bug fix: correctly assigns formats.

1 year ago
  • Update django-bootstrap4 package

2 years ago
  • Fixes a bug where MomentJS formats were not being properly passed through.

3 years ago
  • The JavaScript library we depend on, Tempus Dominus, is no longer maintained. Therefore we are shuttering this project. Support for Django 3.0 is included, so hopefully this will work for quite a while, giving people a chance to find another solution.

3 years ago

Fix deprecations introduced in Django 3.0 (force_text -> force_str).

3 years ago
  • Include JS assets from the parent form if TEMPUS_DOMINUS_INCLUDE_ASSETS is False.
  • Switch to using setuptools-scm instead of

Previous Releases

  • / Bug fix: if a field had a hyphen in the id, this would cause an error in the JS function. Force hyphens to underscores.
  • Include a defer function to play more nicely with different jQuery configurations.
  • Typo bug in INCLUDE_ASSETS; switch to Black code formatting.
  • Add support for disabling the Bootstrap input-group with a new option. Fix an icon.
  • Fix a bug which caused a page lag when switching locales.
  • Fix a bug with duplicate DOM IDs in template.
  • Fix a bug with time formatting to use ISO time format (T12:34:56)
  • Upgrade Tempus Dominus to 5.1.2. Support for new widget attributes (size, prepend, append, input_toggle, icon_toggle, class). DatePicker now closes after losing focus, and widget attributes are properly passed.
  • Fix to ensure options are passed in proper JSON.
  • Include template in the file.
  • Add setting to exclude CDN CSS and JS assets. Add initial test suite.
  • Documentation clean up.
  • Option to use l10n and i18n to all pickers.
  • Upgrade to Tempus Dominus full release version 5.0.1. Fix bug for populating initial values.
  • 0.1.2: UX enhancement: auto-dismiss dialog if the input loses focus.
  • 0.1.1: Bug fixes.
  • 0.1.0: Initial release.