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Easily share data across your company via SQL queries. From Grove Collab.

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SQL Explorer

SQL Explorer aims to make the flow of data between people fast, simple, and confusion-free. It is a Django-based application that you can add to an existing Django site, or use as a standalone business intelligence tool.

Quickly write and share SQL queries in a simple, usable SQL editor, preview the results in the browser, share links, download CSV, JSON, or Excel files (and even expose queries as API endpoints, if desired), and keep the information flowing!

Comes with support for multiple connections, to many different SQL database types, a schema explorer, query history (e.g. lightweight version control), a basic security model, in-browser pivot tables, and more.

SQL Explorer values simplicity, intuitive use, unobtrusiveness, stability, and the principle of least surprise.

SQL Explorer is inspired by any number of great query and reporting tools out there.

The original idea came from Stack Exchange's Data Explorer <>, but also owes credit to similar projects like Redash <> and Blazer <>_.

You can read the full documentation here <>_

Sql Explorer is MIT licensed, and pull requests are welcome.

A view of a query

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Viewing all queries

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Quick access to DB schema info

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Snapshot query results to S3 & download as csv

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  • django-sql-dashboard: provides an authenticated interface for executing read-only SQL queries directly against your PostgreSQL database, bringing a useful subset of Datasette to Django.

.. _django-sql-dashboard: .. _Datasette :

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