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Html compression as middleware and view decorators.

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============== django-slimmer

This module is a django conversion of CheckoutableTemplates Zope package:

The slimmer is taken directly from the Zope package, with django middleware and a view decorator added.

The slimming process takes html and removes whitespace, optimizes inline css, removes oneline comments. The end result can be a significant file size reduction even after the page is served with gzip compression.

Installation ::

sudo easy_install django-slimmer

Install middleware ::


Or you can use a view decorator to compress specific views ::

from slimmer.decorator import compress_html

def browse(request):
    context = RequestContext(request,{})
    return render_to_response('browse.html',context)

Using the slimmer directly ::

from slimmer import slimmer
compressed = slimmer.xhtml_slimmer(html)
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