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=================================== Domain-driven e-commerce for Django

Oscar is an e-commerce framework for Django designed for building domain-driven sites. It is structured such that any part of the core functionality can be customised to suit the needs of your project. This allows a wide range of e-commerce requirements to be handled, from large-scale B2C sites to complex B2B sites rich in domain-specific business logic.


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Further reading:

  • Official homepage_
  • Sandbox site_ (automatically deployed via the official docker sandbox image)
  • Documentation_ on the excellent readthedocs.org_
  • Docker image_ on
  • django-oscar group_ - mailing list for questions and announcements
  • Twitter account for news and updates_
  • Slack_
  • PyPI page_
  • Transifex project_ - translating Oscar made easy

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Continuous integration status:

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PyPI status:

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Docs status:

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.. _Official homepage: .. _Sandbox site: .. _Docker image: .. _Documentation: .. .. _Twitter account for news and updates:!/django_oscar .. _django-oscar group:!forum/django-oscar .. _PyPI page: .. _Transifex project: .. _Slack:

Core team:

  • David Winterbottom_ (Twitter @codeinthehole_)
  • Maik Hoepfel_ (Twitter @maikhoepfel_)
  • Markus Bertheau_
  • Michael van Tellingen_
  • Alexander Gaevsky_
  • Samir Shah_

.. _David Winterbottom: .. _@codeinthehole: .. _Maik Hoepfel: .. _@maikhoepfel: .. _Markus Bertheau: .. _Michael van Tellingen: .. _Alexander Gaevsky: .. _Samir Shah:

Supported versions

The currently supported versions of Oscar are:

+---------+----------------+ | Version | End of support | +=========+================+ | 3.1 | December 2021 | +---------+----------------+ | 3.0 | May 2021 | +---------+----------------+ | 2.1 LTS | August 2023 | +---------+----------------+

Supported verions are eligible for fixes for data loss bugs and security issues. Releases designated as Long-term support (LTS) releases will receive support for an extended period of 3 years from their release date.



These are screenshots from the 'sandbox' example site that ships with
Oscar.  It sports a simple design built with Twitter's Bootstrap_ and provides a
good starting point for rapidly building elegant e-commerce sites.

.. _Bootstrap:

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The sandbox site is also available to browse at

The sandbox site can be set-up locally `in 5 commands`_.  Want to
make changes?  Check out the `contributing guidelines`_.

.. _`in 5 commands`:
.. _`contributing guidelines`:


The following extensions are stable and ready for use:

* django-oscar-api_ - RESTful JSON API for django-oscar

* django-oscar-adyen_ - Integration with the Adyen payment gateway

* django-oscar-datacash_ - Integration with the DataCash_ payment gateway

* django-oscar-paypal_ - Integration with PayPal.  This currently supports both
  `Express Checkout`_ and `PayFlow Pro`_.

* django-oscar-paymentexpress_ - Integration with the `Payment Express`_ payment

* django-oscar-accounts_ - Managed accounts (can be used for giftcard
  functionality and loyalty schemes)

* django-oscar-stores_ - Physical stores integration (opening hours, store
  locator etc)

* django-oscar-sagepay-direct_ - Integration with "DIRECT" part of Sagepay's API

* django_oscar_docdata_ - Integration with Docdata_ payment gateway.

* django_oscar_invoices_ - Invoices or receipts generation for the

.. _django-oscar-api:
.. _django-oscar-adyen:
.. _django-oscar-datacash:
.. _django-oscar-paymentexpress:
.. _`Payment Express`:
.. _DataCash:
.. _django-oscar-paypal:
.. _`Express Checkout`:
.. _`PayFlow Pro`:
.. _django-oscar-accounts:
.. _django-oscar-easyrec:
.. _EasyRec:
.. _django-oscar-stores:
.. _django-oscar-sagepay-direct:
.. _eWay:
.. _django_oscar_docdata:
.. _Docdata:
.. _django_oscar_invoices:

The following are community-written extensions:

* django-oscar-payments_ - Pluggable payments for Oscar

* oscar-sagepay_ - Payment integration with Sage Pay

* django-oscar-support_ - Customer services and ticketing plugin for Oscar

* django-oscar-api-checkout_ - Oscar API Checkout is a layer on top of
  django-oscar and django-oscar-api, adding support for more complex and
  multiple payment options during an API checkout.

* django-oscar-bundles_ - Oscar Bundles adds multi-product bundles to

* django-oscar-bluelight_ - `Bluelight Specials`_ is a layer on-top of
  django-oscar that adds support for more complex offers and vouchers,
  including conjunctive and disjunctive compound conditions.

* django-oscar-cch_ - Oscar CCH is a plugin for django-oscar adding support
  for calculating taxes using the Wolters Kluwer `CCH Sales Tax Office`_ SOAP

* django-oscar-cybersource_ - Oscar CyberSource is a plugin for Oscar API
  Checkout that makes it possible to use
  `CyberSource Secure Acceptance Silent Order Post`_ as an order payment

* django-oscar-wfrs_ - Oscar WFRS is a plugin for django-oscar-api-checkout_
  that makes it possible to use `Wells Fargo Retail Services`_ as an order
  payment method.

Let us know if you're writing a new one!

.. _django-oscar-payments:
.. _oscar-sagepay:
.. _django-oscar-support:
.. _django-oscar-api-checkout:
.. _django-oscar-bundles:
.. _django-oscar-bluelight:
.. _`Bluelight Specials`:
.. _django-oscar-cch:
.. _`CCH Sales Tax Office`:
.. _django-oscar-cybersource:
.. _`CyberSource Secure Acceptance Silent Order Post`:
.. _django-oscar-wfrs:
.. _`Wells Fargo Retail Services`:


Videos with talks about Oscar:

* `An introduction to Django-oscar`_ by `David Winterbottom`_, DjangoCon Europe 2014
* `Oscar and the art of transactional Django applications`_ by `David Winterbottom`_, PyCon PL 2014
* `The Tale of Oscar and the API`_ by `Kees Hink`_, PyGrunn 2017

.. _`An introduction to Django-oscar`:
.. _`Oscar and the art of transactional Django applications`:
.. _`The Tale of Oscar and the API`:
.. _`Kees Hink`:


Oscar is released under the permissive `New BSD license`_ (see summary_).

.. _summary:

.. _`New BSD license`:

Case studies

Oscar is still in active development but is used in production by a range of
companies, from large multinationals to small, boutique stores. See for an overview.

Many more on the way.  If you use Oscar in production, please `let us know`_.

.. _`let us know`:

Looking for commercial support?

If you are interested in having an Oscar project built for you, or for development of an existing Oscar site then please get in touch via [email protected]_.

.. _[email protected]: mailto:[email protected]

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