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A Django Application for contacting the Apple Push Service and maintaining a list of iOS devices

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A Django Application for contacting the Apple Push Service and maintaining a list of iOS devices.

Based on Lee Packham's django-iphone-push but it's not compatibile!

Changes from original:

  • Cleaner names
  • It works with iPhones, iPods Touch and iPads, so all "iPhone" references were changed to "Device" or "iOS"
  • Filtering in admin
  • iOS 5 Newsstand notifications support


First of all, you need to create certificates. A great tutorial is available here:

Then you have to add iospush to INSTALLED_APPS and add some configuration to

# Full path to the APN Certificate / Private Key .pem
APN_SANDBOX_PUSH_CERT = os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, "iphone_ck.pem")
APN_LIVE_PUSH_CERT = os.path.join(PROJECT_ROOT, "iphone_live.pem")

# Set this to the hostname for the outgoing push server
APN_SANDBOX_HOST = ''markdown

# Set this to the hostname for the feedback server

Now is time to syncdb and add some devices to database (if you're running in sandbox, set is_test_device = True to send data to the right place). Try to send some notifications:

from iospush import models

device = models.Device.objects.all()[:1]
# Simple notification
device.send_message(alert='My hovercraft is full of eels')
# Notification with badge number
device.send_message(alert='Answer to everything!', badge=42)
# Notification with custom sound
device.send_message(alert='My sound', sound='mysound')
# Newsstand content availability notification
device.send_message(alert='New issue', content_available=True)
# This notification will expire after Tue, 26 Mar 2013 22:10:54 GMT
device.send_message(alert='New issue', expiry=1364335854)

Sending mass notification is also simple:

models.sendMessageToPhoneGroup(models.Device.objects.all(), alert='Greetings to you all!', sandbox=True)

In case of need to communicate with different iOS applications, which requires using different certificates, you can specify it when sending notification:

device.send_message(alert='Test', custom_cert=os.path.join(settings.PROJECT_PATH, 'custom_cert.pem'))


Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Wojtek Siudzinski [email protected], Issue Stand

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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