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On-the-fly image manipulation for Django.

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Django Daguerre makes it easy to adjust images on-the-fly without slowing down your templates and without needing to generate everything ahead of time with a cron job. You don't need to make any changes to your models; it Just Works.

.. code-block:: html+django

{% load daguerre %}
<img src="{% adjust my_model.image "fill" width=200 height=400 %}" />

{% adjust_bulk my_queryset "method.image" "fill" width=200 height=400 as adjusted_list %}
{% for my_model, image in adjusted_list %}
  <img src="{{ image }}" />
{% endfor %}

:code: :docs: :build status: |build-image|

.. |build-image| image:: :target:


  • Python 3.5+
  • Pillow
  • Django 1.11 – 3.0

Daguerre may work with earlier or later versions of these packages, but they are not officially supported.


You can install the latest version of Daguerre using pip::

$ pip install django-daguerre

You can clone the repository yourself at


Ensure that 'daguerre' is in your project's INSTALLED_APPS::

INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'daguerre', ... )

Add the following or similar anywhere in your URLconf::

urlpatterns = patterns('', url(r'^daguerre/', include('daguerre.urls')), ... )

Run the migration command to create the database models::

python migrate daguerre


You can run the tests with test_project/ test daguerre.

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