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A Distributed Redis Protocol Compatible NoSQL Database

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A distributed implementation of Redis compatible layer based on TiKV

Why Titan?

  • Completely compatible with Redis protocol
  • Full distributed transaction with strong consistency
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • No painful scale out
  • High availability

Thanks TiKV for supporting the core features. The project is developed and open sourced by the Beijing Infrastructure Team at Meitu and has been donated to DistributedIO org.



Quick start

Can't wait to experiment with Titan? Just follow 2 steps:

  1. curl -s -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/distributedio/titan/master/docker-compose.yml
  2. docker-compose up

Then connect to Titan using redis-cli

redis-cli -p 7369



SetUp TiKV cluster

Titan works with 2 TiDB components:

  • TiKV
  • PD

To setup TiKV and PD, please follow the official instructions

Run Titan

  • Build the binary
go get github.com/distributedio/titan
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/distributedio/titan
  • Edit the configration file
  • Run Titan

For more details about Deploy Titan, click here.

Commands supporting status

See the details of the commands supporting status

command status
Connections Almost Fully Supported
Transactions Supported
Server Almost Fully Supported
Keys Supported
Strings Almost Fully Supported
List Almost Fully Supported
Hashes Supported
Sets Almost Fully Supported
Sorted Sets Almost Fully Supported
Geo Not Supported Yet
Hyperloglog Not Supported Yet
Pub/Sub Not Supported Yet
Scripting Not Supported Yet
Streams Not Supported Yet


Refer to the benchmark docs for more details. It's shared on Baidu Disks, use the code hzt6 to gain the permission.

Basic benchmarking result.


Get command benchmark


Set command benchmark

For more info, please vist here Titan Benchmarks




View our Roadmap

Release Note

  • 20.4.21: add support for rpop and rpoplpush
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