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add some interactivity to your commands 🙂


5 years ago

This is the initial release of my Interactive addon for Discord.Net


  • Added ICriterion<T>
  • Added Criteria<T>, to support running multiple criteria at once
  • Added some basic criteria for messages
  • Added IReactionCallback for handling reactions on messages
  • Added PaginatedMessageCallback to serve as a reaction-powered Paginator
  • Added InteractiveService, with support for ReactionCallbacks, and waiting for messages
  • Added InteractiveBase<T>, a derivative of ModuleBase, to provide easy access to the methods on InteractiveService
  • Added OkResult, a derivative of RuntimeResult; to be used with the Ok() method on InteractiveBase. This is designed to be used like ASP.NET Core's IActionResult pattern - awaiting RogueException/Discord.Net#747 for more support