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Flutter Samples

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Getting Started

To build and run this project:

  1. Get Flutter here if you don't already have it
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. cd into the repo folder.
  4. run flutter run-android or flutter run-ios to build the app.

(Please note that a Mac with XCode is required to build for iOS)



Hello Flutter Splash screen in Flutter
Fetching & Parsing JSON data Persistent Tab bars
Collapsing Toolbar - Sliver App Bar Shared Element Transitions — Hero
ScrollController and ScrollNotification App Clone - Android Messages
Communication between widgets Animations / Foldable Page
Animations / List-Detail Animations / Circular List/
App Clone / Twitter Profile Clone Custom AppBar & SliverAppBar
Animations / Split Widgets Animations / Custom Sliver Header
Menu Navigations / Header Navigation Animations / Turn on the light
Animations / Hide my widgets Animations / Menu Exploration
App Clone / Photo Concept App Clone / Movies Concept
App Clone / Sports Store App Clone / Shoes Store
App Clone / Album Flow App Clone / Credit Cards Concept
Custom AppBar & SliverAppBar App Clone / Travel Concept Demo
Animations / Shrink Top List Animations / Neon Button
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