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小桔棱镜,一款专注移动端操作行为的利器! A powerful tool (iOS & Android) that focuses on mobile operation behavior!

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DiDiPrism is a tool that focuses on mobile operation behavior, covering APP Operation Playback, Operation Detection, and Data Visualization capabilities. We have precipitated a set of technical frameworks during the implementation of the entire program, and hope that we can gradually open source it to help more people. At the same time, we also hope that Prism can grow faster with the joint efforts of everyone.


  • No intrusion

The business code does not need any adaptation.

  • High availability

The capabilities have been running smoothly in the production environment for more than two years.

  • Self-developed operation behavior identification instructions

In addition to the existing function of supporting the Prism, there may be a larger stage.

  • Rich and flexible operation behavior policy support

Based on DSL, it implements rich operation behavior policy support, which can meet the usual detection requirements.

  • Full-featured

All-round capability coverage around mobile operation behavior provides more possibilities.

What can I do with it?

1. Operation Playback

The most innovative function in the DiDiPrism is also the foundation of the entire prism platform. We realize the operation playback (Video Playback / Text Playback) on the APP side based on the self-developed operation behavior identification instruction. Compared with the traditional static buried point data, it provides dynamic operation behavior, which can help you better locate problems, optimize products, and create value for users.

Of course, it can also have many application scenarios, such as automatic testing without handwritten script scenarios, and only simple operation behavior identification instructions can be applied to many scenarios that we have not thought of but have received demands, so we Choose to open source it to benefit more people.

[Demo Show]

Playback Show Video Playback Text Playback

2. Operation Detection

The device-side real-time operation behavior detection function is also based on the self-developed operation behavior identification instruction and the semantic operation behavior policy description scheme (DSL), which supports rich semantics and flexible policy configuration. It can help us realize the needs of client-side scenarios. In the future, we hope to use it in customer service scenarios to improve user experience and create more user value.

Of course, we believe that it also has untapped application potential, and it is also open sourced to brainstorm ideas.

[Demo Show]


3. Data Visualization (in progress.)

Mobile solutions covering the whole process of tracking, including multi-dimensional PV/UV, heat map, conversion rate funnel, page dwell time and other functions in the field of tracking data visualization, as well as the auxiliary field of tracking The test tool. Its significance is to change the way people look at data on a daily basis, so that students who are good at using data can use data more conveniently, and students who are not good at using data start to like to use data.

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Apache-2.0 license

DiDiPrism is published under the Apache-2.0 license,For details check out the LICENSE.TXT

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