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A simple script to do some basic load testing on a dhcp server

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Script will load test a DHCP server by continuosly requesting address leases in a loop using randomly generated mac addresses. This will run serially as written, if you want to have multiple scripts running you will need to run it in several processes. Be aware that if you run it in multiple processes you may run into a number of lease failures on your DHCP client do to multiple discover packets hitting before a request hits thus several requests for the same address may occur. This is the normal behavior as in a real setup a client would then retry several times in the event this occurs. (one thing you MAY need to do is set promiscuous for the pcap object -> the open_live call)

This is by no means a comprehensive DHCP test, just a little one off script to vefiy that a server is able to handle load numbers.

-Couple of pretty simple but sometimes forgotten notes: *Make sure your DHCP server is reachable via it's IP (the client curring the script can see the subnet it's on) *Make sure your DHCP server isn't attempting to lease its own ip (in other words don't assign an ip for testing within the lease range)

Usage: dhcp_test.py [DHCP server IP] [DHCP server port - Optional defaults to 67] [Number of Loops - Optional defaults to 1]

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