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Yet another web framework—this time in modern C++!


6 years ago

So much good stuff, thank you Raja!

  • You can now use thread_per_connection
  • SSL, wat? This is still highly experimental, BTW. It crashes mysteriously some times.
  • Apparently some people—Raja—want to return headers in a response. Done!
  • And the methods for adding and removing handlers wasn't thread safe. Now it is!
  • Finally, when things hit the fan, you can enable_debugging to get MHD errors dumped to std_err. Which is pretty crappy, but you just wait until we figure out a cool way to make that better


6 years ago
  • Changed parameters to request handlers to accept a single request object that contains the regex matches, parameters, request headers, and request body


6 years ago

Added support for receiving JSON data in the request body for POST requests. It can be accessed, if available, through params['json_data'] in your request handlers.