Project README provides shareable links to email the government officials in your community and demand action towards defunding police departments in favor of education, social services, and efforts towards dismantling racial injustice.

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  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone [email protected]:defund12/
  2. Install Node Version Manager or Node Version Manager for Windows

    Linux/MacOS (pick either method)

    a. Homebrew:

    Install Homebrew, and:

    brew bundle

    b. Plain bash:

    wget -qO- | bash


    Install Node Version Manager for Windows using its installer.

  3. Install Node via nvm:

    nvm install
  4. Install JS dependencies:

    yarn install --frozen-lockfile
  5. Start the app:

    yarn start-dev

Running eslint

  1. If you haven't already, install JS dependencies: yarn install --frozen-lockfile
  2. To run eslint and automatically fix issues: ./node_modules/.bin/eslint --fix .

Running tests

JS tests

  1. If you haven't already, install JS dependencies: yarn install --frozen-lockfile
  2. yarn test

Markdown tests

Contribution guidelines

Contributions to the repository are greatly welcomed.

Team organization

The teams and responsibilities/definitions are closely related to how issue(email) creation, review, and site additions happen. Please review team definitions on the Teams README.

NOTE: All work that people are doing to further is important and helpful. However in order to keep things moving efficently, we have defined teams and responsibilities so that we can move forward together in an efficent manner.

Email templates

Please review our email template style guide. All messages go through basic fact-checking and editorial review before they are published. Following the style guide makes this process go quicker!

NOTE: If possible, limit one email template per PR. This make it easier to process the history of what’s entering the codebase, and takes some strain off the reviewer.

Thank you so much, team

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