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Universal Deck Tracker for collectible card games such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Eternal

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Universal Deck Tracker

Automatic in-game Deck Tracker for collectible card games such as The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Eternal. Unlike all other trackers for these games, this one does not modify game files so it is compliant with Terms of Service agreements. Using trackers that modify game files might get your account banned. As an additional benefit it doesn't break when the game update is released.

This tracker also tries to automatically classify the archetype of the decks you were playing against so that winrates are displayed separately per deck type. This algorithm is work in progress and the configuration file that specifies all deck types is located here. Feel free to suggest improvements to it.

Check out this video by @TESLegendsCentral for setup guide or follow the instructions below.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends



  • Detects all your decks, no manual entry required.
  • Automatic in-game tracking of the remaining cards and the opponent's played cards.
  • No separate overlay capture window needed - very convenient for twitch streamers.
  • Tracks winrates for your decks against each type of the opponent decks.
  • Instanteneously import your deck from, or
  • Easy export of your entire collection in a standard format.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • F2 - show/hide player's deck
  • F3 - show/hide opponent's deck
  • F4 - show/hide deck header with deck archetypes and win rates
  • F5 - cycle through card counting modes:
    • current counts only, for example: 2
    • original card counts together with the current counts, for example: 2/3 instead of just 2
    • combo mode where current count is displayed only when it is different from the original count
  • F6 - show/hide probabilities of the next card draw (color, prophecy, type, etc)
  • F7 - show/hide cards in the deck that have 0 counts
  • F8 - (Eternal only) show/hide current player's score (only for ranks below Masters)


  1. For the initial install please download the UniversalDeckTracker.exe distributive. Running the installer will create a desktop shortcut and put the game files into C:\Users\{profile}\AppData\Local\UniversalDeckTracker location.
  2. Launch the tracker.
  3. Start the game after launching the tracker. Game name in the tracker window should turn yellow then green. If it doesn't then see this known issue.


There are two options:

  1. When the Deck Tracker is starting, it will attempt to auto-update. If a new build is available, it will be downloaded and applied in background, so after restarting the tracker it will use a new version. This normally happens in a first few seconds to a minute after launching the tracker.
  2. Downloading the latest installer and running it will achieve the same thing.


Use the standard Windows Add or Remove Programs window and find Universal Deck Tracker closer to the end of the list.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are all these percentage numbers under the deck list?

Those are probabilities of the next card draw. Colors in the first row match card color. Second row: for Eternal - Power, Unit, Spell, Item; for TESL - Creature, Action, Support, Item. Third row: three most popular keywords. You can turn the footer on/off by pressing F6.

  • How to move the deck lists on the screen to a different position?

Just drag and drop the deck list.

  • How to resize deck lists?

Resizer area is a strip located along the right side and also along the bottom side of the deck list. Drag and drop in that area to resize.

  • How to disable the in-game UI but still track winrates?

Press F1 (and see the keyboard shortcuts section)

  • How to change detected deck archetypes or add new ones?

Create or update C:\Users\{profile}\AppData\Local\UniversalDeckTracker\decktypes.txt file. If you like your changes, please contribute back to the community by sending a pull request. Link to default list: here.

  • How to reinitialize all settings?

Delete config file at C:\Users\{profile}\AppData\Roaming\UniversalDeckTracker\config.json location.

  • Does this deck tracker share any data?

Yes, it automatically uploads game replays for aggregation and metagame analysis. Nothing else is shared.

Known issues

  • If deck tracker doesn't work for you at all and the game name is showing up as red in the deck tracker's window then try installing this package. If this still doesn't work, then report here.
  • Some people have reported performance regression starting from version 1.0.60. If you think you are affected then please add your report here.
  • If deck tracker is started after the game client then it sometimes might not be able to fetch deck lists from the collection. Solution: start the tracker before the game.
  • After reconnecting to the game in progress the full deck list might not be visible or the counts might not reflect the cards already played. This is caused by the game reconnect protocol that doesn't send the deck data but only the current board state.
  • Same applies to the observer game mode.

Reporting problems

Please open the issue and describe the problem and the steps to reproduce it. If the problem is visual then please also include screenshots.

In some cases it is also necessary to attach debug log files. To enable debug logging launch the tracker with --debug command line parameter. You can either update the desktop shortcut to include this parameter or use command line. Debug logs will be available at C:\Users\{profile}\AppData\Roaming\UniversalDeckTracker location and have *.log extension.

If you love the project and would like to see it improved, please consider making a one-time donation or show your continuous support.

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