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Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

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Detect deauthentication frames using an ESP8266

esp8266 deauth detector custom build


Maltronics is selling a Deauth Detector based on this project:


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How it works

If the ESP8266 detects deauthentication or disassociation frames it will turn on its LED. That's all ¯\ (ツ)/¯.

blinky esp8266 deauth detector

So this is a good and cheap way to detect a Wi-Fi deauthentication attack.

How to install it

You will only need to follow one of the installation methods!

Uploading the .bin file

Upload the deauth_detector.bin using the nodemcu-flasher or the esptool from Espressif.

Using Arduino

1 Install Arduino
2 Install the ESP8266 SDK
3 Download this project and open it with Arduino 4 Maybe customize the code:

#define channel 1 //the channel it should scan on (1-14)
#define channelHopping true //scan on all channels
#define maxChannel 13 //US = 11, EU = 13, Japan = 14
#define ledPin 2 //led pin ( 2 = built-in LED)
#define inverted true // invert HIGH/LOW for the LED
#define packetRate 3 //min. packets before it gets recognized as an attack

#define scanTime 500 //scan time per channel in ms

5 Upload the code to your ESP8266 (don't forget to set it to the right upload settings!)


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