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Read data from, write data to, and modify the formatting of Google Sheets

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datasheets is a library for interfacing with Google Sheets, including reading data from, writing data to, and modifying the formatting of Google Sheets. It is built on top of Google's google-api-python-client, google_auth, and google_auth_oauthlib_ libraries using the Google Drive v3_ and Google Sheets v4_ REST APIs.

.. _google-api-python-client: .. _google_auth: .. _google_auth_oauthlib: .. _Google Drive v3: .. _Google Sheets v4:

It can be installed with pip via pip install datasheets.

Detailed information can be found in the documentation_.

.. _documentation:

Basic Usage

Get the necessary OAuth credentials from the Google Developer Console as described in Getting OAuth Credentials_.

.. _Getting OAuth Credentials:

After that, using datasheets looks like:

.. code-block:: python

import datasheets

# Create a data set to upload
import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame([('a', 1.3), ('b', 2.7), ('c', 3.9)], columns=['letter', 'number'])

client = datasheets.Client()
workbook = client.create_workbook('my_new_workbook')
tab = workbook.create_tab('my_new_tab')

# Upload a data set
tab.insert_data(df, index=False)

# Fetch the data again
df_again = tab.fetch_data()

# Show workbooks you have access to; this may be slow if you are shared on many workbooks

# Show tabs within a given workbook

For further information, see the documentation_.


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