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Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy

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Book Title : Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy

ISBN : 9788193245279

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Book Description

Peeling Data Structures and Algorithms for interviews [re-printed with corrections and new problems]:

"Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structure And Algorithmic Puzzles" is a book that offers solutions to complex data structures and algorithms. There are multiple solutions for each problem and the book is coded in C/C++, it comes handy as an interview and exam guide for computer scientists.

A handy guide of sorts for any computer science professional, Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structure And Algorithmic Puzzles is a solution bank for various complex problems related to data structures and algorithms. It can be used as a reference manual by those readers in the computer science industry.

The book has around 21 chapters and covers Recursion and Backtracking, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues,Trees, Priority Queue and Heaps, Disjoint Sets ADT, Graph Algorithms, Sorting, Searching, Selection Algorithms [Medians], Symbol Tables, Hashing, String Algorithms, Algorithms Design Techniques, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Complexity Classes, and other Miscellaneous Concepts.

Data Structures And Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structure And Algorithmic Puzzles by Narasimha Karumanchi was published in March, and it is coded in C/C++ language. This book serves as guide to prepare for interviews, exams, and campus work. It is also available in Java. In short, this book offers solutions to various complex data structures and algorithmic problems.

What is unique?

Our main objective isn't to propose theorems and proofs about DS and Algorithms. We took the direct route and solved problems of varying complexities. That is, each problem corresponds to multiple solutions with different complexities. In other words, we enumerated possible solutions. With this approach, even when a new question arises, we offer a choice of different solution strategies based on your priorities.

Topics Covered:

    Recursion and Backtracking
    Linked Lists
    Priority Queue and Heaps
    Disjoint Sets ADT
    Graph Algorithms
    Selection Algorithms [Medians]   
    Symbol Tables   
    String Algorithms   
    Algorithms Design Techniques   
    Greedy Algorithms   
    Divide and Conquer Algorithms   
    Dynamic Programming   
    Complexity Classes   
    Miscellaneous Concepts   
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