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Lightweight time tracker for IntelliJ platform IDEs

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Darkyen's Time Tracker

for IntelliJ (and other Jetbrains IDEs)

Track the time spent on a project through a lightweight status bar widget.


  • Click the widget or start typing to start counting
  • Pauses the timer automatically when idle
  • Click timer widget for options
  • Git integration, inject the time it took to create the commit into the commit message


  • Pause or stop after a given time of inactivity (clicking any buttons/keys or scrolling).
  • When returning after a period of inactivity and the counting is paused, short time durations are automatically counted in, long periods can be counted in manually through a message popup. The auto-count duration is configurable.
  • Start counting automatically when you type something, even when stopped. Configurable.
  • Pause the timer when you work on a different project within the same IDE process, useful when switching projects frequently. Configurable.
  • The time format on the widget is configurable using a simple but flexible template substitution. Includes clear documentation of the format, including examples of frequently requested formats.
  • Ability to inject the time it took to create a Git commit through a Git commit hook, using the same customizable time format. The time is appended at the end of the message, unless your template contains <#DTT#>, which is then replaced by the formatted time instead.
  • Reset the time (and the hidden Git counter time) manually through a button in settings or through an IDE action.
  • Manually adjust counted time.


The time in IDE is stored in IDE's workspace XML, typically at .idea/workspace.xml. The section looks roughly like this:

<component name="DarkyenusTimeTracker">
    <option name="totalTimeSeconds" value="162561" />
    <option name="gitIntegration" value="true" />

The exact format is controlled by the IDE and may change in the future.

Git integration files are:

  • Commit hook at .git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg (a POSIX shell script with /bin/sh shebang)
  • Git time tracking file at .git/.darkyenus_time_tracker_commit_time (plain text file)
  • .git/.darkyenus_time_tracker_commit_time.zero may be created temporarily during commit hook run, but shouldn't persist
    • If you find it, you can safely delete it


Download from plugin repository or from releases.

Building from source

There are no dependencies, this is a pure IntelliJ plugin. PR's are welcome!

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