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Simple script to generate commands to achieve reverse shells.

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Simple script to generate commands to achieve reverse shells. Thanks to DevoOverkill9 for the great idea!


Usage [-h] [-i IPADDR] [-p PORT] [-t SHELL_TYPE] [-l] [-a]

python --help

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i IPADDR, --ipaddr IPADDR
                        IP address to connect back to
  -p PORT, --port PORT  Port to connect back to
                        Type of reverse shell to generate
  -l, --list            List available shell types
  -a, --all             Generate all the shells!

Shell Types:

  • ASP: asp
  • AWK: awk
  • Bash: bash, bash-2, bash-3
  • Java: java
  • Java Server Page: jsp
  • Linux Binary: lin-bin
  • Lua: lua
  • Netcat (regular, mknod, & mkfifo variants): nc, nc-c, nc-mkfifo, nc-mknod, nc-pipe, ncat
  • Nodejs: nodejs
  • OSX Macho Binary: osx-bin
  • Perl: perl, perl-2, perl-windows
  • PHP: php, php-2, php-3, php-4, php-5
  • Powershell TCPClient: ps-tcp,
  • Powershell IEX: ps-iex, ps-b64
  • Python: python, python-2
  • Ruby: ruby, ruby-2, ruby-windows
  • Socat (preferred for interactive sessions): socat
  • Tclsh: tclsh
  • Telnet: telnet, telnet-mkfifo
  • War: war
  • Windows Binary: win-bin
  • Xterm: xterm

For ease of use, it's recommended to add revshellgen to your path variable and give it executable permissions.

chmod +x /dir/to/
export PATH=$PATH:/dir/to/revshellgen

Alternatively, you can integrate it with other Kali tools by performing the following:

chmod +x /dir/to/
ln -s /dir/to/ /usr/bin/revshellgen

Keep in mind, this isn't ideal for systems with multiple users, and you should use root-privilege symbolic links with discretion. It's imperative that is restricted from write access by untrusted users with this.

Another Example:


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