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simple elegant markdown based resumes

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this app makes a markdown only resume that looks elegant and simple everywhere

try it out here:


Stackoverflow had a side project called "Careers Stackoverflow". They had a very decent resume builder. The output it produced was elegant, and easy on eyes. It wasn't bloated with ads and didn't look shit on small screens. Unfortunately, it seems that they are converting it to some Facebook timeline like story thing. The community there doesn't like that decision either.

This is an attempt to recreate that editor. One bonus of this is that you don't even have to see that stackoverflow branding.


  • goto (or clone this repo and run locally via a webserver)
  • fill in the details. see if the markdown and live preview is all fine. (reloading will keep your changes, btw)
  • download raw markdown file
  • use it as it is or edit it for more specific customizations


  • markdown is automatically rendered as html in many places
  • markdown is readable in plain text as well
  • easy to edit manually
  • easy to manage with version control
  • looks elegant and simple in all browsers, all screen resolutions, and all devices
  • doesn't require CSS or JS


  • you have to host it yourself or on github pages

Optional tips

  • is a wonderful editor to further edit markdown
  • you can also directly copy paste the rendered HTML from there to a github pages repository!
  • it is not required at all, but would be appreciated if you put a little link to this repository at the bottom


  • add more features present in the Careers.SO editor


Awal Garg



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