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Turn valid CSS into React Native Stylesheet objects.


1 year ago
  • Breaking: updated css-to-react-native dependency to v3.0.0. This version removes the support for line-height with multiplier, adds support for place-content CSS property, and more.
  • Breaking: updated css dependency to v3.0.0.


1 year ago
  • Added: Typescript type definitions.


1 year ago
  • Fixed: flex-box shorthands missing flex-basis: auto in some cases.
  • Fixed: sorting :export blocks on Node.js version 11 was not working.


1 year ago
  • Added: support for parsing CSS modules (ICSS) :export blocks.


1 year ago
  • Fixed: an error is now thrown for a line-height value without unit (line-height multiplier value is not supported in React Native).
  • Updated: css-to-react-native dependency to v2.2.2 and css dependency to v2.2.4.


1 year ago
  • Updated: css-to-react-native dependency to v2.2.1.
  • Added: support for more platforms in CSS media queries.


1 year ago
  • Added: a feature flag for CSS viewport units.


1 year ago
  • Updated: css-to-react-native dependency to v2.2.0.
  • Fixed: the parser now allows passing through CSS units that are not supported by React Native.


1 year ago
  • Added: skip parsing of all other selector types than class selectors.


1 year ago
  • Fixed: allow multiple parts for parsed media queries to support OR media queries.