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Welcome to CSS Diner

It's a fun game to learn and practice CSS selectors.

To play, visit flukeout.github.io or cssdiner.com

Change Log

Aug 25,2016

  • Added Twitter, Facebook and Email share actions
    • Tracking clicks with GA Events
  • Made the level menu and editor area scroll independently
    • Using custom jQuery scroll library

Aug 18,2016

  • Started using cssdiner.com to redirect to flukeout.github.io

Aug 12,2016

  • Added checkmarks to completed levels in level menu and header

Aug 4,2016

  • Began tracking progress and correct guesses with GA Events

Filing issues and PRs

Please file issues and PRs in the css-diner repo.

Repo structure

Here's the repo structure, it's a bit confusing...

  • Currently, all of the working code (including issues, PRs and in-progress branches) is hosted in the css-diner repo
    • The lastest version of the code is on the develop branch
  • The live version is published from the flukeout.github.io repo
    • Live version lives on the master branch


This is more of a note to myself in case I forget, to deploy the latest version, I'll have to push to the master branch on the flukeout.github.io repo from the latest develop branch.

Roadmap and Status

Potential Features & Improvements

  • Lots of people have trouble with level 19, how should I address this?
  • Create levels for attribute selectors
    • Will probably add attributes like customer='bob' and place a little nametag by those dishes
    • Also some great ideas in this issue
  • Figure out how to tackle the .table element
    • Including it in the selector string makes the selectors invalid, but it shouldn't
  • Investigate the order of stacked oranges in the markup, some users think it's counter intuitive
  • Block attempts to use comma between selectors
  • Only pass each level if that level's selector is used
  • Make it easier to navigate between levels
  • Number all of the levels in the menu
  • Add UI to Tweet about finishing all of the levels
  • Add additional challenges per Selector
    • Some repetition per level would be good

Special Thanks

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