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Kubernetes C# Client

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Nuget Package

dotnet add package KubernetesClient


You should be able to use a standard KubeConfig file with this library, see the BuildConfigFromConfigFile function below. Most authentication methods are currently supported, but a few are not, see the known-issues.

You should also be able to authenticate with the in-cluster service account using the InClusterConfig function shown below.


There is optional built-in metric generation for prometheus client metrics. The exported metrics are:

  • k8s_dotnet_request_total - Counter of request, broken down by HTTP Method
  • k8s_dotnet_response_code_total - Counter of responses, broken down by HTTP Method and response code
  • k8s_request_latency_seconds - Latency histograms broken down by method, api group, api version and resource kind

There is an example integrating these monitors in the examples/prometheus directory.

Sample Code

Creating the client

// Load from the default kubeconfig on the machine.
var config = KubernetesClientConfiguration.BuildConfigFromConfigFile();

// Load from a specific file:
var config = KubernetesClientConfiguration.BuildConfigFromConfigFile(Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("KUBECONFIG"));

// Load from in-cluster configuration:
var config = KubernetesClientConfiguration.InClusterConfig()

// Use the config object to create a client.
var client = new Kubernetes(config);

Listing Objects

var namespaces = client.CoreV1.ListNamespace();
foreach (var ns in namespaces.Items) {
    var list = client.CoreV1.ListNamespacedPod(ns.Metadata.Name);
    foreach (var item in list.Items)

Creating and Deleting Objects

var ns = new V1Namespace
    Metadata = new V1ObjectMeta
        Name = "test"

var result = client.CoreV1.CreateNamespace(ns);

var status = client.CoreV1.DeleteNamespace(ns.Metadata.Name, new V1DeleteOptions());


There is extensive example code in the examples directory.

Running the examples

git clone [email protected]:kubernetes-client/csharp.git
cd csharp\examples\simple
dotnet run

Known issues

While the preferred way of connecting to a remote cluster from local machine is:

var config = KubernetesClientConfiguration.BuildConfigFromConfigFile();
var client = new Kubernetes(config);

Not all auth providers are supported at moment #91. You can still connect to a cluster by starting the proxy command:

$ kubectl proxy
Starting to serve on

and changing config:

var config = new KubernetesClientConfiguration {  Host = "" };

Notice that this is a workaround and is not recommended for production use.


The project uses XUnit as unit testing framework.

To run the tests:

cd csharp\tests
dotnet restore
dotnet test

Update the API model


You'll need a Linux machine with Docker.

Check out the generator project into some other directory (henceforth $GEN_DIR).

cd $GEN_DIR/..
git clone https://github.com/kubernetes-client/gen

Generating new swagger.json

# Where REPO_DIR points to the root of the csharp repository
${GEN_DIR}/openapi/csharp.sh ${REPO_DIR}/src/KubernetesClient ${REPO_DIR}/csharp.settings

Version Compatibility

SDK Version Kubernetes Version .NET Targeting
8.0 1.24 netstandard2.1;net5.0;net6.0;net48*;netstandard2.0*
7.2 1.23 netstandard2.1;net5.0;net6.0;net48*;netstandard2.0*
7.0 1.23 netstandard2.1;net5.0;net6.0
6.0 1.22 netstandard2.1;net5.0
5.0 1.21 netstandard2.1;net5
4.0 1.20 netstandard2.0;netstandard2.1
3.0 1.19 netstandard2.0;net452
2.0 1.18 netstandard2.0;net452
1.6 1.16 netstandard1.4;netstandard2.0;net452;
1.4 1.13 netstandard1.4;net451
1.3 1.12 netstandard1.4;net452
  • Starting from 2.0, dotnet sdk versioning adopted
  • Kubernetes Version here means the version sdk models and apis were generated from
  • Kubernetes api server guarantees the compatibility with n-2 version. for exmaple, 1.19 based sdk should work with 1.21 cluster, but no guarantee works with 1.22 cluster. see also https://kubernetes.io/releases/version-skew-policy/
  • * KubernetesClient.Classic: netstandard2.0 and net48 are supported with limited features


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on how to contribute.

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