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Introduction to Parallel Programming class code

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This repository is deprecated; therefore, we are going to archive it. However, learners will be able to fork it to their personal Github account but cannot submit PRs to this repository. If you have any issues or suggestions to make, feel free to:


Introduction to Parallel Programming class code

Building on OS X

These instructions are for OS X 10.9 "Mavericks".

  • Step 1. Build and install OpenCV. The best way to do this is with Homebrew. However, you must slightly alter the Homebrew OpenCV installation; you must build it with libstdc++ (instead of the default libc++) so that it will properly link against the nVidia CUDA dev kit. This entry in the Udacity discussion forums describes exactly how to build a compatible OpenCV.

  • Step 2. You can now create 10.9-compatible makefiles, which will allow you to build and run your homework on your own machine:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
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