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Easily track the price of your favorite crypto in an attractive desktop widget


2 years ago
  • Added support for more coins
  • Updated packages to latest version


5 years ago
  • Performance improvement - Custom fonts are now local instead of having to load from Google
  • Performance improvement - Charting JS file is now local instead of loading from external site
  • Performance improvement - List of coins is now local instead of querying API on every app load
  • Functionality improvement - The adding/removing of coins is now improved. The app does not have to be closed/reopened to see a coin added/removed from the main coin list. This will soon be true for the portfolio as well.
  • UI update - added better icons that provide a smoother experience for the user.
  • UI update - before, you would have to scroll up to access the top icons, now they are accessible no matter where on the screen you are.
  • UI update - added subtle transitions to hover effects, etc. for a better UI/UX.
  • UX improvement - Added a check on app startup to see if any internet connection is present. If the app can't connect, a cool little doge error screen will appear


5 years ago

Key highlights:

  • Added a portfolio screen
    • For each coin you have selected, you can now you enter the quantity of each coin that you own and see the current value for each coin.
    • You can also see your total value, which is the addition of the total value of each individual coin.
    • Underneath the total value is a donut chart with a visual representation of the breakdown of your portfolio. *** The chart seems to get distorted randomly - this will be addressed in a future update.
  • In the settings screen, you can now set the widget to always be on top of other windows.


5 years ago

All features from the previous release, packaged for easy distribution for Windows and MacOS.

To install:

  • Download the appropriate .ZIP file for your OS
  • Extract to desired location on your computer
  • Run the .exe or .app file!

Please submit bugs and ideas on the Issues page of this repository.


5 years ago

This has all of the necessary functions for version 1.0.0, including:

  • Base UI in place
  • Storing of user coin selection
  • Storing of user base currency
  • Storing of user's order of cryptocurrency
  • Filterable coin list


The app code has been updated for this, but I have not yet built out the Windows and Mac ZIP packages. Once those are in place, it will officially be version 1.0.0