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CRYENGINE is a powerful real-time game development platform created by Crytek.

Project README


This repository houses the source code for CRYENGINE.

Instructions on getting started with git can be found here, along with details on working with launcher projects and git source code.


In order to compile, you will need to install:


  1. Download the SDKs zip from the releases page.
  2. Extract the SDKs zip to Code/SDKs
  3. Copy C:\Program Files\Autodesk\FBX\FBX SDK\2016.1 to Code/SDKs and rename to FbxSdk.
  4. Download szip.tar.gz and extract it's contents to Code/SDKs/szip.
  5. If the CRYENGINE Launcher is installed, right click cryengine.cryengine and select "Generate Engine Solution". Otherwise, run Tools/CMake/cmake_create_win64_solution.bat.

CMake must be used to compile the engine, see here for more information.


The release branch provides stable snapshots of the engine. Most of the commits to this branch are tagged.

The stabilisation branch is used for fixing bugs in the run-up to release. This branch is created by branching from main or the previous release, depending if it's a major (feature) or minor (stability) release.

A release_candidate branch may be created for a few days before a release, if we need some critical fixes before release.

Development takes place primarily in the main branch. This branch is not currently available for the general public.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are currently on hold, while we fix all the workflow issues the current process had. For more details, see this announcement post. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The source code in this repository is governed by the CRYENGINE license agreement, which is contained in, adjacent to this file. See also the FAQ here

+ Please note: from March 20th 2018, the new CRYENGINE business model is in effect. 
+ That means 5% royalties apply to projects developed and published on CRYENGINE 5.0 and beyond. 
+ Check our new for all facts and exemptions.
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