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Run kerberos environment in docker containers


5 years ago

Kerberos/Docker is a project to run easily a MIT Kerberos V5 architecture in a cluster of docker containers. It is really useful for running integration tests of project using Kerberos or for learning and testing Kerberos solution and administration.


  • minimal kerberos environment with native database: machine, service, kdc server
  • network analyser in independent docker container with wireshark
  • configuration generated by Jinja template with python 3 for conditional docker-compose.yml
  • SSH connection with Kerberos authentication from machine to service
  • docker container on ubuntu 16.04.LTS
  • docker container deployed by docker-compose version 3 and docker 17+
  • shared folder between host machine and all docker containers
  • multiple services per docker container with supervisord
  • library java 1.8 with JAAS, JGSS-API client/server and TGT/TGS getter, packaging maven 3
  • test bats for integration tests and unit tests and CI with Travis: master and develop branches