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Material for a workshop on monads with C++14

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A workshop on monads with C++14

Meetup C/C++ de Madrid, January 15h 2015

During the workshop we will explore the basics of monadic theory in the context of C++14. Format is based on a bunch of 5-min exercises that the attendants are expected to complete along the way, with solutions provided and commented publicly.


  • You are expected to be reasonably fluent with some post-2003 C++ stuff
    • auto
    • std::function, lambda functions, generic lambda functions
    • Function return type deduction, trailing return type declaration
    • Template template parameters (this is C++03, anyway)
    • decltype, std::declval
  • You are encouraged to pre-read about functional programming and monads
  • You are required to bring a computer with
  • Internet access (hopefully provided by host)
  • A C++14 compiler such as GCC 4.9 (-std=c++1y) with a recent Boost distro
  • Alternatively, you can use an online environment such as Coliru
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