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A super lightweight and modular CMS built on NodeJS, Express and CouchDB

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A super lightweight and modular blogging engine or content management system built on NodeJS, Express and CouchDB. Its main aim is to be the go to CMS for NodeJS users.

Latest Version: 0.1.3


  • Super lightweight with optional expansion through plugins
  • Themeable on the front and back for designers
  • Built with NodeJS, Express and CouchDB
  • Made to be hackable and licensed under the MIT License

How to Install

In order to install CouchPress, simply use the following commands.

> cd path/to/couchpress;
> make
> make install

CouchPress will then ask you a few questions and help you setup your database.


GentleFace Icons graciously provided by GentleFace under The Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Write Relaxed.

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