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An Android Application written in Kotlin :iphone: with MVVM Architecture using latest Android Development tools like Dagger Hilt, Room, ViewModel, LiveData, Retrofit and Coroutines to display CoVID-19 Data

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Corona Tracker is an Android application which shows worldwide data of confirmed cases, recovered cases and death cases. You can also get country-wise data. The data is provided by astsiatsko.

Dagger Hilt Update

I did a dependencies upgrade in May 2021 and upgraded the dependency injection framework to Dagger Hilt :tada: Contributions from @Priyansh-Kedia.

New Features

  • Offline caching using Room persistance library (injected with Dagger Hilt)
  • Ability to pin specific countries (also using Room)
  • Statewise data of Indian States (with sorting options)
  • Connected banners with Firebase Remote Config which changes every few seconds

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Corona Tracker is written in Kotlin and makes use of KTX, Coroutines, Dagger Hilt, Retrofit and MVVM. If you find code issues, feel free to create a new issue or make a PR.

Getting Started

  1. To get started, you will need the API key which you can obtain from here.

  2. Put this key global-level with name RAPID_API_KEY and sync the project.

  3. Connect the app with Firebase.

  4. That's it! You're good to go :)

You can download the apk here.


Corona Tracker has been developed by me (Paras Sidhu) with the purpose that society remains informed about the corona cases and can get helpful tips from WHO which are shown in main banner.

To make it better on the developer end, I tried using best practices as mentioned above.

Special thanks to the guys at and their volunteers for providing state-wise data.

UI/UX Design is provided by Pratik Kohli.

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