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Cookiecutter template for an idiomatic Python project driven by Makefile

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======================= cookiecutter-lux-python

Cookiecutter_ template for a Python package.

The boilerplate Python project that aims to create facility for maintaining of the package easily. It considering tools for building, testing and distribution.

Get Started

This template provides a basic structure for an idiomatic Python package with a convenient Makefile-facility and additional helpers.

Template can be configured using Cookiecutter_'s CLI or by altering parameters directly in <cookiecutter.json>_.


There are a couple of tools for building, packaging, documentation and so on, that must be installed.

  • GNU sed (brew install gnu-sed for macOS),

  • ripgrep (optionally),

  • awk,

  • Docker,

  • Virtualenv,

  • Sphinx (for sphinx-build and sphinx-apidoc).

To check availability of main tools just type make or make doc.


  • To get help about available Makefile targets type::

    make help

Creating the virtual environment

1. Compile Pip requirements from ```` to ``requirements.txt`` using *pip-tools*
   (via Docker)::

    make requirements

2. Create the new virtual environment based on ``requirements.txt`` and

    make venv

3. Install the package into a virtual environment in so-called "development mode"::

    source .venv/bin/activate
    make install

    # ...hard working here...

    make uninstall

Testing the package

Pytest_ is used as a test tool by default.

* To run tests type (within a virtual environment)::

    make check

Building the package from scratch
  • Create a source distribution (tarball with sources)::

    make sdist ls -al dist/*.tar.gz

  • Create a binary (wheel) distribution::

    make dist ls -al dist/*.whl

Dealing with containers

* Display system-wide information::

    make docker-info

* Show all images, containers and volumes::

    make docker-stats

* Build the image according to ``Dockerfile``::

    make docker-build

* Run temporary container in an interactive mode::

    make docker-run

* Remove all unused images, built containers and volumes::

    make docker-clean

Documenting the project using Sphinx_
  1. Build an API documentation::

    make apidoc

  2. Build the documentation as a standalone HTML files::

    make html open doc/_build/html/index.html

GNU-style cleaners_

* Clean the project's directory (precompiled and temporary files)::

    make clean

* Clean the project's build output (eggs, distributions, builds)::

    make distclean

* Delete almost everything (including virtual environment)::

    make mostlyclean

.. _Cookiecutter:
.. _Pytest:
.. _Sphinx:
.. _`GNU-style cleaners`:
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