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A lightweight Nuxt theme to build a Markdown driven website. Powered by Nuxt Content, TailwindCSS and Iconify.

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Content Wind

Content Wind

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A personal website theme powered by Nuxt Content, TailwindCSS, Iconify and Vue components.


  • Create pages in Markdown in the content/ directory
  • Use Nuxt layouts in your Markdown pages
  • Enjoy meta tag generation from Markdown files
  • Generated navigation based on your pages
  • Switch between Light & Dark mode :moon:
  • Access 100,000 icons from 100+ icon sets with the <Icon> component
  • Highlight code blocks with Shiki
  • Create Vue components in components/content/ and use them in your Markdown
  • Deploy on any Node or Static hosting: GH Pages, Vercel, Netlify, Heroku, etc.

Get started

Duplicate the GitHub template: Atinux/content-wind-template


Start locally:

npx [email protected] init -t themes/content-wind my-website

Then follow the instructions and you are ready to go :rocket:

License ๐Ÿ“Ž

MIT License

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