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🎓 Data structures and algorithms

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Data Structures

Searching and Sorting

  • Binary Search

  • Breadth First Search (BFS)

  • Depth First Search (DFS)

  • Counting Sort

  • Quicksort

  • Merge Sort


Learning Guides

Finding companies to apply to

  • - Employbl is a directory of tech companies and startups in the Bay Area. Find companies by type or location, upload your resume and find a company right for you :)

  • - Most impressive job site aggregator I've ever seen in my life. Scrapes all the boards and has a map of where every company is located.

  • - Tool for keeping your applications and search organized on a Trello-style board. they also have a chrome extension for quickly adding jobs from various sources.

  • - I used this one as a recruiter. It is actually built for HR departments but has a chrome extension and can be helpful for adding people and specific individuals you're reaching out to. This way you remember to follow up and can find like-minded people. One catch is that you need a custom email address like Signing up with your gmail account won't work.

  • - companies and jobs grouped by category like female led startup or decentralize all the things for blockchain related jobs.

  • :octocat: - shameless plug here. I've got another repo going with companies located in downtown San Francisco. The data is available as a CSV file and includes company addresses.


  • Interview Cake - - Interview Cake is a thoroughly documented site on programming interviews and concepts. It can be expensive for the year membership but if you're serious about buckling down to learn the fundamentals can be worth it. They also offer a money-back gaurantee.

  • Daily Coding Questions - - Coding question emailed to you everyday for free. If you want the answer emailed to you the following day it's $8/month.

  • exercism - - Level up your programming skills with 2,629 exercises across 48 languages, and insightful discussion with our dedicated team of welcoming mentors. Exercism is 100% free forever.

  • codewars - - Codewars has thousands of questions generated by the community. You'll never run out of practice problems. They're organized by difficulty, concept and programming language.

  • codesignal - - Really great user interface and user experience. I like the gamification and points system they have going on.

  • Irfan Baqui: ace coding interviews - - get one free problem to practice each week and get the solution next week

  • - - Anonymously practice coding interviews with engineers from prominent tech companies.

  • Pramp - - Real practice with actual engineers. Book a time and practice interviewing with real human beings

  • LeetCode - - Pick from an expanding library of more than 190 questions, code and submit your solution to see if you have solved it correctly.

  • Coderbyte - - Lots of programming challenges, access 10 for free otherwise $30 per month

  • HackerRank - - Very popular platform for practicing coding questions. HackerRank is used by companies to evaluate candidates also

  • InterviewBit - - Practice Coding Interview Questions. Give us time and we get you the job you deserve.

  • Codility - - Become a better programmer. Develop your coding skills with our lessons. Take part in our challenges.

  • Codility Solutions - - One engineer's solutions to the problem sets.

  • Testdome - - Get certified and prove your knowledge to potential employers. Score well on one of our public tests, and you will get a free certificate of achievement.

  • CodeEval - - Find out how you rate against top coders. Unlock awesome startup jobs and hacker deals.

  • - - 1 month interview prep bootcamp in San Francisco

  • Meetapro - - an Airbnb-style mock interview platform. Mock interviews with top FAANG engineers.










Algorithm visualization


More Questions

Technical blogs 💸

This is tangentially related to interviews. Below is a list of companies that feature blog posts from guest authors. Blogging and teaching others can be a powerful way to comprehend new material, fine tune your writing skills, gain exposure and potentially even make money! If you have a technical blog open to new contributors please submit a PR

  • - this has been my go to source for web development tutorials for years. Code on the rocks

  • Snipcart - company interested in Vue.js, eCommerce, Javascript and the JAMstack. There is some really great writing and code samples on here

  • JScrambler - company interested in Javascript tutorials. I wrote a post for them on using Vue.js and Vuelog to make a static blogging app. Check out the full article here

Words of wisdom

Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s partner, has three rules for a career:

  1. Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself
  2. Don’t work for anyone you don’t respect and admire
  3. Work only with people you enjoy
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