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Swyx's second brain!

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swyx's second brain

This is my public obsidian store of resources and lists and stuff, available on:

These notes are "raw" - not a replacement for my personal output channels (site, newsletter, mixtape, youtube), where I will continue to publish my more polished work. You can read more about why I picked Obsidian here.

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Rollup of my Lists

This repo also rolls up some of my older lists:

Search around for their modern incarnations :) I have let my two biggest lists and the investing list remain independent:

User Guide

  • I will rearrange and rename at any time with no notice
  • The folders are named in PARA format - optimizing for:
    • P - nearterm projects i want to do
    • A - standards i want to upkeep
    • R - resources for stuff i like
    • Archive - for misc past junk i dont see myself needing anymore
    • not everything is public, sorry if your thing isn't on here
  • This is a public digital garden - Terms of use:
  • there is no explicit licensing on this because these are personal notes - you are welcome to read them, contribute to them, suggest additions - just do not copy them and share them as your own.
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