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:rocket: Concourse CI resource for tracking git branches of Bitbucket pull-requests

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Tracks changes for all git branches for pull requests.

This resource is meant to be used with version: every.

Inspirited by git-branch-heads-resourse


Add the following resource_types entry to your pipeline:

- name: git-bitbucket-pr
  type: docker-image
    repository: zarplata/concourse-git-bitbucket-pr-resource

Source Configuration

  • base_url: Required. base URL of the bitbucket server, without a trailing slash. For example: http://bitbucket.local

  • project: Required. project for tracking

  • repository: Required. repository for tracking

  • limit: Optional. limit of tracked pull requests default: 100.

  • git: Required. configuration is based on the Git resource. The branch configuration from the original resource is ignored.

  • bitbucket_type: Optional. cloud for BitBucket Cloud or server for a self-hosted BitBucket Server. default: server

  • dir: Deprecated. set to name of the resource if resource name is different than repository name. Is deprecated in favor to params.repository in out.

  • branch: Optional. if given, only pull requests against this branch will be checked

  • paths: Optional. if specified (as a list of glob patterns), only changes to the specified files will yield new versions from check

  • changes_limit: Optional. the maximum number of changed paths loaded for each pull-request. default: 100. It works only with the paths parameter.

  • direction: Optional. the direction relative to the specified repository, either incoming (destination, e.g. to master) or outgoing (source, e.g. from feature). Either:

  • username: Required. username of the user which have access to repository.

  • password: Required. password of that user Or:

  • oauth_id: Required. Oauth id of an OAuth consumer configured as private and with permission to write to PRs.

  • oauth_secret: Required. Oauth secret of the same consumer.

  • exclude_title: Optional. prevent check from emitting new versions when only the pull request title changes, except when the string "WIP" is removed from the title.

  • skip_ssl_verification: Optional. Disable SSL verification on the Bitbucket API calls.

  • ssl_cacert: Optional. Custom CA certs to use to verify Bitbucket API calls.


- name: my-repo-with-pull-requests
  type: git-bitbucket-pr
    base_url: http://bitbucket.local
    username: some-username
    password: some-password
    project: zarplata
    repository: concourse-git-bitbucket-pr-resource
      private_key: {{git-repo-key}}

  - name: my build
      - get: my-repo-with-pull-requests
        trigger: true
        version: every
      - task: unit test
            - name: my-repo-with-pull-requests
          put: my-repo-with-pull-requests
            action: change-build-status
            state: FAILED
            name: "unit test"
            url: "$BUILD_TEAM_NAME/pipelines/$BUILD_PIPELINE_NAME/jobs/$BUILD_JOB_NAME/builds/$BUILD_NAME"
          put: my-repo-with-pull-requests
            action: change-build-status
            state: SUCCESSFUL
            name: "unit test"
            url: "$BUILD_TEAM_NAME/pipelines/$BUILD_PIPELINE_NAME/jobs/$BUILD_JOB_NAME/builds/$BUILD_NAME"


check: Check for changes to all pull requests.

The current open pull requests fetched from Bitbucket server for given project and repository. Update time are compared to the last fetched pull request.

If any pull request are new or updated or removed, a new version is emitted.

in: Fetch the commit that changed the pull request.

This resource delegates entirely to the in of the original Git resource, by passing through source.git to source of the original git-resource, then specifying source.branch as the branch that changed, and version.ref as the commit on the branch.


All params, except the ones listed below, will be passed through to params of the original git-resource.

  • skip_download: Optional. Skip git pull. Artifacts based on the git will not be present.
  • fetch_upstream: Optional. Also fetch the pull requests' upstream ref. This will overwrite the fetch param.

out: Update the PR.

Behavior depends on the value of parameter action, where is the values are:

  • change-build-status: Change the commit build status.

    • action: Required. For this behavior should be change-build-status.
    • Parameters except the name will be respected the Bitbucket documentation.
    • name: Deprecated. Parameter is deprecated and has been left only for backward compatibility.
    • repository: Optional. The path of the source repository for changing build status.
  • push: Push the commit to pull request branch.

    • action: Required. For this behavior should be push.
    • repository: Optional. The path of the source repository for pushing.


  • Mark PR with "build started" creates a new version of a PR.

    The Concourse is not available to skipping versions but have the workaround. You should add the resource with the same settings as pull-request for changing the build status only.

    - name: test-pull-requests
      - get: pull-request
        trigger: true
        version: every
      - get: node
      - put: pull-request-status
          action: change-build-status
          state: INPROGRESS
          key: concourse-build
          description: Building on Concourse
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