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A BOSH release for the concourse binary.

This repository contains the official BOSH release of Concourse. It packages up the concourse binary and exposes all flags via properties on the web and worker jobs. These jobs represent the web node and the worker node, respectively.



Check out the concourse-bosh-deployment repository repository for a stub manifest and various ops files.

If you're not familiar with BOSH, you may want to check out the BOSH documentation first.

If you're just looking to get Concourse running quickly and kick the tires, you may want to try the Quick Start instead.


If you are adding new Concourse flags to one of the job specs you must run scripts/generate-job-templates to add the new flags to the job templates.

Default values

When adding a new Concourse flag, don't define a default value that mirrors a default set by the Concourse binary.

Instead, mention the default in the description. This prevents the possibility of drift if the Concourse binary default value changes.

    description: |
      Maximum container capacity. 0 means no limit. Defaults to 250.

We understand that the comment stating the binary's default can become stale. The current solution is a suboptimal one. It may be improved in the future by generating a list of the default values from the binary.

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