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A CSS framework that's lightweight and easy-to-use. Give up the bloat. Stop tripping over your classes. Be Concise.

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:warning:   Notice: This project is not actively maintained. Reach out to @keenanpayne or @jaiheravi if you would like to chat about it ✌🏻

Installing the CLI Locally

To install the Concise CLI in a project just run the following command:

npm install -D ConciseCSS/concise.css#dev

Using Packages and Writing Styles

The Concise CLI can be used independently of any styles. In principle, it would will with any other CSS library, framework or any existing project so long as the code is plain CSS or contains only the features that can be compiled with PostCSS. Of course, one can start writing everything from scratch using Concise as well.

The core library contains the very basic styles that one might use, and contains most of the code that was available on Concise v4. This can be installed by running:

npm install -D ConciseCSS/core#master

You can then include Concise in your project by importing it into your stylesheet:

@import '@concisecss/core';

The previous line will include all the styles that Concise provides. However, it is also possible to include only the specific files that you would like:

@import '@concisecss/core/settings.pcss';
@import '@concisecss/core/base.pcss';

Concise will automatically import the files from your /node_modules directory.

Once the packages are released and published on NPM they will be able to be installed by their name too: concise.css for the CLI and @concisecss/<package> for the other packages, including core.


Run the Concise CLI on the main file from the package.json scripts:

concise compile main.pcss main.css

To execute the CLI manually after installing locally (without the package.json scripts):

npx concise compile main.pcss main.css

The flag -w will also watch the files for changes.


You can keep up-to-date with the changes that we have made via our releases page.


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Code released under the MIT license. Documentation released under Creative Commons.

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