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community-mod is now archived. thank you to everyone to contributed to this masterpiece.


The Community Mod

A Mod by The Community for the Community!

Milestone as of 26/07/2021: the mod is 1.9GB

How to use

Star the mod for free collab. If starring it doesn't work try this.


How to add stuff:

  • json/hjson: /resources/content/...
  • js: /resources/scripts/...
  • java/groovy/kotlin/scala: /src/chaos/...


you really dont want to mess with kotlin java and js at the same time



"Do you think this was a good idea?"

— Anuke

"10/10 Mod"

— RT

"11/10, Truly a masterpiece, handcrafted by the best of us."

— CancerGuy

"how do you compile"

— MrDuck557

"what a great idea"

— NiChrosia

"what happened to the merge bot. thats right you need to add more then you delete"

— mega cat

"If IBM saw this, they would only understand we have made an attempt at making a computer, except there isnt a computer here nor IBM. 5 stars."

— FarmerThanos


— cyberflame

"10/10 mod, only 3% of it works"


"Rated M for Masterpiece , 10/10 would pick it up and donate to the people working on this"

— Roomba

"The 21st century's gold. I have no words and this mod depicts our nowadays humor. Very funny."

— Phinner

"Funniest shit I've ever seen, ngl..."

— Emanuel G

"This shows that anyone can make a mod"

— JrTRinny

"anook is fat"

— summet

also needs more dependencies"

— lancer

"needs more ook"

— buthed010203

"how do i review"

— shift

"pure perfection, add something now"

— adenator

"oh no im commiting anook fat"

— WilloIzCitron

"i came here looking for porn and found none. 0/10"

— Goober

"you'd better format your reviews correctly or consequences"

— ifritdiezel

"what should I write here?"

— skat


— Alex Multiverse

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