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DevMastery Comments Microservice API

To manage comments on various Dev Mastery properties.

Using Clean Architecture for Microservice APIs in Node.js with MongoDB and Express

In this video we talk about Bob Martin's Clean Architecture model and I will show you how we can apply it to a Microservice built in node.js with MongoDB and Express JS - @arcdev1


Running Locally


1. Clone the repo and install dependencies

git clone 
cd comments-api
npm i

2. Modify the .env file

Save sampledotenv as .env and then add your database and Content Moderator + Akismet API details.

3. Startup your MongoDB

Usually this is just: mongod on the command line.

4. Start the server

To run in production mode where code is transpiled by Babel into a dist folder and run directly in node:

npm start

To run in development mode where code is run by babel-node via nodemon and re-transpiled any time there is a change:

npm run dev
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