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This is the library that it made ColorMine( correspond to portable class library.

This program uses the following munsell data. real.dat

Nuget Installation

Install-Package ColorMinePortable

Difference form original

  • Add ColorSpace
    • Munsell(approximate)
    • Hex
  • not supported CMYK profiles
  • changed HSL value range 0 to 1
  • changed HSV and HSB algorithm

Munsell Conversion

var munsell = new Munsell("5R 4/10");	//Chromatic color
var rgb = munsell.To<Rgb>();
var str = munsell.ToString(); // return "5R 4/10"
var retmunsell = rgb.To<Munsell>();	// approximate.  Not Equal "5R 4/10".

var munsell2 = new Munsell("N7.5"); //Achromatic color
var rgb2 = munsell2.To<Rgb>();

Hex Conversion

var hex  = new Hex("#FFFFFF");
var hex2 = new Hex("FFFFFF");	//  # none OK
var hex3 = new Hex("FFF");		// Triplet OK

var rgb = hex.To<Rgb>();
var code = hex.Code;	// return "#FFFFFF"
var rethex = rgb.To<Hex>();	// "#FFFFFF"


MIT Licensed .Net library that makes converting between color spaces and comparing colors easy.

Getting Started

ColorMine is available as a nuget package so you can install by searching for "ColorMine" in the "Manage Nuget Packages" menu, or run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package ColorMine

Color Conversions

You can convert between any supported color spaces via generic methods like so:

var myRgb = new Rgb { R = 149, G = 13, B = 12 }
var myCmy = myRgb.To<Cmy>();
var myXyz = new Xyz { X = .44, Y = .7, Z = .99 }
var myLab = myXyz.To<Lab>();
var myYxy = new Xyz { Y1 = .1124, X = .22, Y2 = .14 }
var myHsl = myYxy.To<Hsl>();

Cmyk conversion also supports profiles

var myCmyk = myRgb
var myHunterLab = myCmyk

Online example at


Delta-E calculations take and compare colors in any of the supported formats.


double deltaE = myRgb.Compare(myCmy,new Cie1976Comparison());


double deltaE = myXyz.Compare(myLab,new CmcComparison(lightness: 2, chroma: 1));


double deltaE = myYxy.Compare(myHsl,new Cie94(Cie94Comparison.Application.GraphicArts));


double deltaE = myHunterLab.Compare(myLuv, new CieDe2000());

Huge thanks to Jonathan Hofinger for correct implementation of CieDe2000 and to Gaurav Sharma for test data.

Note: Delta-e calculations are quasimetric, the result of comparing color a to b isn't always equal to comparing color b to a...but it will probably be pretty close!

Currently Supported Color Spaces

  • CMY
  • CMYK
  • HSL
  • HSB
  • HSV
  • CIE L*AB
  • Hunter LAB
  • LCH
  • LUV
  • RGB
  • XYZ
  • YXY

Currently Supported Comparisons

  • CIE76
  • CMC l:c
  • CIE94
  • CIE2000
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