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A web application to find patients, build cohorts and visualize health records

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A web application to find patients, build cohorts and visualize data.



  • Add Architecture schema

Cohort360 consists of a React front-end and a Django back-end (REST API).

This repository hosts the front-end, while the back-end is available here:

Both the front-end and the back-end depend on a third, possibly custom, party: an endpoint to query medical data and to create cohorts. This third endpoint can be a FHIR API for example. This is the case for the first creators of Cohort360.



  • A running back-end server
  • A running third party endpoint (FHIR API for example)
  • An authentication server
  • Node.js (16 or higher) installed

Running the front-end

  1. First copy the .env.example file to .env and edit this file to match your configuration.
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm audit fix
  4. Run npm run build

This will generate files in the build directory that can be exposed via a web server like Nginx, or a node server.

An example configuration with Nginx can be found here


A gitlab-ci.yml is available in the .templates folder, alongside a nginx configuration example (useful for deployment).


A docker image is available to build via the Dockerfile. You only need to update the location of your nginx conf.

Start Contributing

A contributing guide will be published soon.


  • AP-HP Clinical Data Warehouse
  • Arkhn :
  • Akimed :


Coming soon...


Cohort360 is licensed under Apache License 2.

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