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Interactive Angular Codelab 🦋 Learn Angular basics online without setup

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Angular Codelab -

Angular Codelab is a self-paced interactive Angular course:

interactive exercises
  • 🔥 Everything in the browser - no setup needed
  • 🔥 Interactive code samples - Change the code and see the result immediately!
  • 🔥 Hands-on Exercises to solidify your knowledge
  • 🔥 Free - Made for Angular enthusiasts by Angular enthusiasts
  • 🔥 Written in Angular and open source

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Contribute to the codebase is an Angular app!

It uses angular-cli with nx and all materials are in a form of Angular components.


See what Good first issues are available.

See for detailed instructions.

Host a live Angular Codelab event in your city

We have hosted multiple live codelab events in 10+ cities, and you can help us host one in yours!

See how in

People learning angular

Translate Codelab to your language

Currently is availble in English and Russian.

See for how you can help us translate the codelab into your language.

Thanks to amazing PoEditor for providing us with an open source licence

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