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CodeHub is a Universal Windows GitHub client that helps you keep up with the open source world.

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  • Trending repositories
  • News Feed
  • View code (with syntax highlighting), issues and comments.
  • Create Issues
  • Comment on Issues and PRs
  • Choose from 9 different syntax highlighting styles
  • Search repositories, users, issues and code
  • Star, Watch and Fork repositories
  • Follow users
  • Edit profile


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Do you want to contribute? Here are our contribution guidelines.

Setting up the project

  • Register your OAuth application and paste your key and secret in the app.config file in the root of the project.

URI Schemes

You can launch CodeHub and navigate to repositories and user profiles using custom URI schemes


  • codehub://repository/aalok05/codehub
  • codehub://user/aalok05


I Can't Find My Organization

CodeHub can see all organizations if they are granted access. GitHub, by default, disables third-party access for new organizations. Because of this, CodeHub has no knowledge that those organizations even exist. GitHub keeps that information from the app. There are several ways to correct this. If you own the organization follow these instructions. If you do not own the organization you can request access for CodeHub by following these instructions.


I thank the makers of these libraries

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  • Ian Rasmussen

Special thanks to my patrons for supporting me in making UWP apps :) You can also become a patron here.

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