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"This repository is no longer accepting any PR."


Waving hand animated gif ABOUT CODEDAMN:

Codedamn's mission is to make coding highly engaging and interactive - wherever possible. We do this by creating hands-on courses - thanks to our interactive playground that runs in the browser connected to computers in the cloud. Programming is a healthy mix of learning, practicing, and interacting with others. Unfortunately, existing edtech platforms are not built for self-taught developers because they're not founded by self-taught developers trying to work on real-world tech skills and lack the struggles of becoming one. We are building the best community of developers and learners on the planet - built by developers and backed by cutting-edge technology.


GitHub issues GitHub pull requests

  1. Go to codedamn projects:
  2. Pick up a project according to your preference.
  3. Complete the project.
  4. Fork/clone this repository.
git clone
  1. In the Submission projects directory, create a new file as follows: submission_your_github_username.html inside your chosen topic folder and send the PR using the following template:

? Name of the file: your_github_username.html
? Inside the file, paste your codedamn's submission URL. The format is:
? Write your codedamn username and name in the same file
? Send a Pull Request to main branch

Now just wait for PR to get merged :D That's it, folks!


How much time will it take for our PR to get accepted?

We have a small team of maintainers looking at every submission's source code and determine if they should be merged or not. The order of PRs reviewed is not fixed, however you can be assured that your pull request would be reviewed soon. Due to excessive load, it might take a few days, therefore please be patient. We intend to make the Pull Request count 0 before we announce final results.

The repository is not included in DigitalOcean Hacktoberfest?

DigitalOcean has excluded this repository from their Hacktoberfest submission. We have no control over DigitalOcean ToS. Although you all are building a full project and doing a lot of effort, all DigitalOcean sees is a PR with your submission link. However this does not change the fact that if any one of your PR is merged, we would send swags from our side to you. Hacktoberfest rules from DigitalOcean does not impact our ability to send you swags.



? For every successful submission, if the pull request gets accepted you'll get the official CODEDAMN SWAGS/MERCH/PRO ACCOUNTS! ? ?


If you're new to web development, starting with codedamn's full-stack learning path is the best way to begin your web developer journey. You will learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Next.js, Node, MongoDB, Caching, and more! Multiple projects, exams, and hands-on exercises available in every course, with certificate of completions. Start here


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