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  1. Get a server with Docker installed
  2. Install golang v1.1 (note: this is not the default Ubuntu version)
  3. Copy this project to the server
  4. Install nginx and install the config file in conf/nginx.conf (it may need some minor changes)
  5. Go in the server/ directory, and run docker build -t runner . to create a tagged docker image that's ready for running code
  6. Set up quotas (instructions here), and apt-get install quota
  7. Build a pool of uids with quotas attached (./
  8. Install redis (apt-get install redis-server)
  9. Compile the go app with go build .
  10. Run the go app with a process manager (look at conf/upstart.conf for inspiration)

Future Plans

  • Collaborative editing using share.js or ot.js
  • Improvements to the go server to allow sending output and config changes (e.g. switching language) to multiple clients, probably using SSE


Licensed under the MIT license.

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